Nowadays the mention of ‘Reserva’ on a wine labels is associated to the time that a wine has stayed in the winery before the release to the market, and that, according with legislation, needs a mínimum of three years, and, at least one of them being aged in oak barrels. Anyway the “reserva” is a term much older than the legislation and was historically used in Rioja to name the best wines, apart from their ageing, that the wine maker, kept for his own drinking, or for his famiily.

That “reserva”, the selection of the best wines of every vintage, is what Familia Martínez Bujanda offers to their customers through their Barrels Clubs of Finca Valpiedra (Rioja) and Finca Antigua (La Mancha). The possibility to buy exclusive wines that will not be in the market, with which Familia Martínez Bujanda rewards the fidelity of wine lovers that decide to take part of our Barrels Clubs.