The official qualification of the 2008 vintage by the Denominación de Origen La Mancha was “very good”. The climate was colder than the previous years of 2005 or 2006 and the vintage in Finca Antigua was excellent in quality, with a slower ripening and very good characteristics for the ageing.

The winery offers its best customers this singular and exclusive Finca Antigua wine, with the possibility to by a full barrel (300 bottles), half a barrel (150 bottles) or a quarter of a barrel (72 bottles) with the possibility to combine the conventional bottling (75 cl.) with the Magnum size (1.5 ltr) that the experts consider as the best size for the evolution of a great wine.

The members of the Finca Antigua Club will also be able to visit the winery with friends, family and business employees with a meeting room at their disposal, dining room or even lunch at the vineyards or wine tasting of different vintages upon availability.


The Finca Antigua Barrels Club was created with the exceptional 2004 vintage and since then, our technical director, Lauren Rosillo, selects 36 barrels for this Premium club. A unique varietal blend, that cannot be found in the market, of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, aged in new barrels of French oak, makes an elegant and complex ensemble that, as per Lauren Rosillo, faithfully represents the character of the exceptional Finca Antigua vineyards.

Finca Antigua Club is a clean and bright wine, with high aromatic intensity, that shows up by its balsamic and mountain notes, with spicy and Anise Seed notes from ageing in French oak.