Meet our vineyard, our wines and our winery with different visit options of this extraordinary vineyard; twice awarded (2010 and 2012) with the “Best of Wine Tourism, awarded by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.


Sierra Cantabria Mountains, to the north, Sierra de la Demanda Mountains, to the south, and the Ebro River, are the distinguishing marks that make Rioja one of the best wine regions of the world. Finca Valpiedra, the only winery in Rioja associated with Grandes Pagos de España (Grand Crus of Spain). Terraces that slope down to the very bed of the river, in a wonderful landscape that is able to concentrate nature and with history and a wine culture dedicated almost exclusively to the vineyard growth. The producers of the well-known Spanish TV series “Gran Reserva” understood all of this as they chose Finca Valpiedra as one of the main sites for shooting film used on the TV show.